Character Relationship Ethnicity
Boadicea Insanely loyal friend/ former classmate / coolest chick & or badass motherf*ker if you will Swedish
Charlotte roommate French
Madison First & on-going closefriend/ former classmate / culinary goddess British
Elisabeth (Ellie) Incredible friend / current neighbor / momentary lesbionic type love /former roommate Scottish
Fabien (Fab) Boyfriend of Ellie French
Charly (Italiana) Latest addition to Team Drunk / good friend Italian
Lars Friend/former classmate German
Nils Friend / current classmate / Also known as Charlie’s  ‘Little Gay Thunderstorm’ Dutch
Joshua (Josh) Friend/ former classmate / current neighbor / (ex)boyfriend of Poppy British
Poppy Friend / (ex) girlfriend of Joshua British
Furaha Littlest girl babysat French/African
Nia Eldest girl babysat French / African
Laetitia Former Roommate French
Aideen (‘Beer Lady’) Roommate of Laetitia / inhabitant of Charlie’s old room Irish
Constance Good good friend / lover of all things green, organic, natural / pursuing same program as Charlie but currently working on the first year. American
Jack (Jacques) Charlie’s first & long-term love / current ex / good friend / reason for pursuing educational endeavors in France French
 Les Men  Meeting  Current Status
Baguette Man Assman Mid-stroll down the rue (Charlie was devouring a baguette. Partial reasoning behind name) Tepid
Emile At the University Fizzled to friendship
Mister Floppy-Hand Man Drunk bar setting Cold
Mister Fancy Man Madison’s friend Cold
Mister Twirler At a Merry-Go-Round Attempting to dampen the fire
Mister Red-Faced History Man Drunk bar setting (friend of a friend) Cold
Mister Ethnic Anglophone Man Drunk bar setting (known as ‘Man at Bar 2’ via mobile) Cold
The Nervous One At the University Cold
Mister Mysterious At the University Warm
Valentin Roommate of Fab / Friend of Ellie Cold