because this tale takes place abroad & will return there soon, most italicized words originate from where Charlie Frances has spent several years of her life. it should be no surprise that these words are of the French tongue & unfortunately no french-english dictionary will be provided. there are several great translation websites she suggests, but the point of this blog is not really promotion (other than her own self endeavors). otherwise, italicized words may be used to express emotion. she is currently trying to resolve the issue of how to emote an already italicized mot francais. 


there are several quotes on this website. in the event that someone stumbles upon this & takes up the liberty to sue Charlie Frances she would like to disclaim the following :

  1. “What a terrible mistake to let go of something wonderful for something real” from the collection of short stories No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July.
  2. Assume all photos have been stolen off the web without permission unless otherwise stated. 

each quote was handpicked from a pool of equally wonderful candidates. expect more to spark up here as the adventures get underway.